ARA - Online Art Trading Portal

Ara which originally means ‘constellation’ or a ‘collection’. We a group of young art lovers have come up to make an ara of artists all over the world.We are a team of young art lovers. We specialize in selling art work online made by the talented artists of India through our website . Ara is designed with an intention to provide a platform for all Indian artists to display, buy,sell their artworks by reaching out to the community of art collectors all over the world.

Ara is created with an intention to encourage art on a global medium and make it accessible to all. It is an initiative to bring artists and buyers from all over the world together in one platform. Ara helps the artistists to display their art work where in the customers can choose the work they desire according to their tastes and needs.With this in mind we have created an online community for artists where in they can sell their art works online to the customers. We provide our customers high quality original art works. We also encourage customers to interact with the artists through online chats to discuss art and their art work.